About Us



Philadelphia Towing is the fastest and most reliable towing service in Philadelphia. We know very well how stressful it is when you have to call a tow truck company and that’s why we take great pride in providing the best possible experience for our customers who are in less than ideal situations. We have a large fleet of trucks including flat beds all over the city that are ready to get to you as soon as you call. Whether you need a simple tow, are locked out of your car, stuck in a ditch, in a crash, or anything in between – you can trust us to take care of you quickly and affordably.

We understand that there are few problems we face that are as frustrating and interruptive as car problems. For many, car trouble brings on a whole host of anxieties and concerns. How much will it cost to fix your car? Where will you get the extra money from? How are you going to get to work or pick the kids up from school? And of course, what service do you trust enough to help you take care of your car issues who won’t also take advantage of you?

No doubt, car trouble is stressful, especially when the trouble strikes at just the right time to leave you stranded on the road. Whether you need car towing services, a car door locksmith, a tire change service, or a long-distance towing service, you need a service that you can trust. We know the most important thing for you is to get a tow truck quickly and affordably from a company you can rely on that will take care of your problem safely and efficiently. At Towing Philadelphia Pros, all of our services can be tailored to your individual requirements creating your own bespoke service. We were established 20 years back and have grown to be an Industry leader in the repair and maintenance for Commercial transport, Heavy vehicle and Construction equipment.

We can also cater our clients’ needs, including fleet maintenance, Servicing and preventative maintenance, Engine repairs, Transmission repairs, Differential Repairs, Clutch, Brakes, Electronic diagnostics and Repair, System Diagnostics and Repair, Hydraulics and spare parts supplies.

Our friendly and professional service with punctuality and prompt services make us stand among our contemporaries in Philadelphia.